On communication: let’s chat~

I was attending a party with friends when I noticed two young teens seated beside each other.
You would think they would be talking to each other.   Well the adults were.
The teens were looking and playing with their phones, and their gadgets.

I was thinking – what happened to old fashioned talking ???

Is face to face conversation a losing art among the young people, and maybe the not so young, with the prevalence of modern communication gadgets?
Ironically, the modern communication tools were created in the first place to bridge the distance and time when personal face to face communication is not possible.   The phones,internet and other tools are secondary communication devices.    No matter how convenient it is, nothing can still replace the personal touch and response that comes with having a face to face conversation.  Issues and misunderstandings are resolved and worked out during face to face encounters.   Emails, texts do not.

So, let’s chat.

~ We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. ~ Epictetus

Photo credit: Nikos Zacharoulis



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