Always bring your own sunshine

We are in the middle of winter with temperature dropping below zero (C).    Sometimes the sun is out shining brightly, giving warmth to a cold and chilly day.   The weather outside is something we can’t control given that we now live in Canada.   I used to live in a tropical country where there was just 2 kinds of weather, sun or rain.   My mood for the day was affected by the weather – I get grumpy when it is cold and wet, and happy when it is sunny and bright.

Now, I don’t have that luxury anymore as our summer here in Canada is so short (just 3 months).   I realize that I need to have an “internal weather” in my mind, regardless of the weather conditions outside.  If not, and I let the weather and external conditions affect me, I will be grumpy person most of the time.   I know that it is not easy to be always  cheerful and upbeat  specially when you have problems in your life.  It takes a lot of effort and persistence to be cheerful and have a sunny disposition despite the challenges you have at home and at work.   But I find out that once my mind is set on having a “summer weather”, that it becomes easier to share a laugh, a kind word, a helping hand and even an encouraging  remark or comment to others.

To help me have a “summer weather”  mindset, the colors in our home and in my room, are bright and warm; and in my office, I have pictures of flowers and beaches in my wall and in my computer.   If I feel grumpy and depressed, I talk to my family and friends, watch funny and light hearted movies, do my yoga or any physcial activity, or listen to upbeat songs, to shake off the “bad” mood.    And most importantly, I read a lot of stories specially inspirational  and uplifting articles to keep my thoughts focus on the good and blessed things we have in our life.

What about you?   What do you do to “bring your own sunshine”?

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” -Anthony J. D’Angelo

~ Hope everyone is having a good week~

picture credit:  happythings.tumbr


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