Risk Everything~ A mom’s take on her son’s career decision

There was a new board heading above my son’s bed: RISK EVERYTHING.

A month after graduating from college last December from Applied Chemical Engineering, my son told us that he will take up an entirely new career direction, personal trainer and life/health coach. He has been into fitness for the last 3 years and had taken on certifications to improve his appreciation for the course. What we thought was just an interest, just took on a greater meaning and passion for him.   Health and fitness became his lifestyle and now, it was going to be his career.

Months ago before he graduated, we were discussing what universities he would be applying after getting his credits from college. We had planned that he would go to university for an engineering program, and take up his engineering license. That was our plan with him and he had worked on the side, to pay for his college tuition fees.  So, what changed his mind?   After graduation, he took a good and hard look at his priorities, and what he really wanted to do.   Then he decided that if not now, then when will he ever have the courage to pursue his passion as a personal trainer. He enjoys coaching people, and what better way to combine his love for coaching and fitness then to be a personal trainer.   And how old is he?  He just turned 23.

My initial reaction to his change of plans was one of caution because I wanted to know how serious he was of this decision. There are pros and cons to having this type of career, and I wanted him to realize the consequences of pursuing this path.   I also wanted to make sure he gets all the information, and has made specific plans to turn this passion into reality.      If it didn’t hit me that my son was an adult now – it is hitting me now.   He was making his own decisions and taking charge of his life 100%.     He knows the consequences and failure for him is not an option anymore.   He is willing to RISK EVERYTHING.

It has been a month and a few weeks since Chris has made his decision which surprised even his closest friends.   I can see his enthusiasm and energy  when he is making plans for the coming days.   He is learning something new everyday as he soaks in new information about health, fitness and personal training.   In his mind, he can see clearly where he is heading into – having his own gym studio with a steady flow of clients.   As for me, I show my support of his plans by listening to his daily activities and giving him the practical side of managing this kind of business.    I am also learning something new, along with his journey, and I believe that as long as he knows what he wants in his life, then he will be fine.

Yes, those pictures I posted are his shots from last week which he posted in his FB and website.    Achieving balance and meaning in his life are very important to him.   He is such a brave young man isn’t he?

What about you?  What did you say when your child wanted to pursue an interest or career path?


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2 Responses to Risk Everything~ A mom’s take on her son’s career decision

  1. Tina says:

    That is so great!!! Great advice for a mom of a 10 year old who has tried a few different activities already :). I just want to be supportive whatever path she chooses.

    By the way, your son is cute :).

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