The Royal Wedding: Perfect love

I have watched the videos of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton countless times.   Yes, I even woke up early to watch the telecast live.   I admit I am an eternal romantic, and even got teary eyed when they said their solemn vows.  Whenever I hear those vows, it always reminds me of the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.  The couple has been together for many years, even living together as modern couples now do. But in that beautiful ceremony, their union as husband and wife was officially blessed by the church, and by society.

You would think that with the challenges of remaining happily married in the public eye, that famous people like Prince William and Kate Middleton, including celebrities, will not get married.   With the alarming high rates of divorce and separations, some people balked at the idea of formally tying the knot with their loved one.   The popularity of marriage has certainly gone down in the recent years with many couples opting for living together, rather than marriage.  In Canada, this arrangement is made easier because the significant other is given the same rights and benefits, as that of a spouse.

So why were there a lot of optimism and hope for this beautiful young couple as millions of people around the world watched the ceremony?   Because they represent to us the “perfect wedding” – that moment in time where we all dream of falling in love with the Prince and living happily after.   Perhaps time will tell if this marriage will last or not.

But on this special day,  “Will and Kate” embodies our eternal hope that there is love, and it is perfect.


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