Blessings from the parents

Hi everyone ~

My family and I attended my cousin’s wedding in NY last week.

There is always something about family reunions during weddings – it is full of laughter, memories and shared experiences.    Happy times indeed to celebrate love between the  young couple, as well as to reaffirm one’s ties among family members and friends.    Some guests came from all over the world to witness the happy occasion.

Among all the beautiful things I noticed during the wedding reception are the wedding pictures of the parents of the bride and groom.   I thought it was beautiful tribute to the love of their parents, who now join them in wishing them all the best.   Both fathers gave touching tributes to their wives during the speech, and I find it heartening to see both parents enjoying the merriment and laughter, along with the guests.    The blessings of the parents is the most precious gift to receive on this wedding day.

As parents, we may not be aware of it, but our children look up to us as role models for their relationships, and their partners in life.     As I listen to the young couple repeating their vows in the church, and again sharing a touching tribute to each other during the reception, I am reminded of my own wedding, my own vows, and my own start in marriage.     I wish them all the best~


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