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Full of sunshine

I was expecting a lot of sun and warm weather lately as it is summer. But on some nights, it is still cold, along with the rain and dark clouds. I guess that’s the way life is…  you expect certain … Continue reading

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Hello summer ~

Finally summer is here.   And what a blessing to have the warm weather, hot sun and bright sky.  The garden of flowers and the leaves in the trees are a sight to behold. Knowing that we only have a few … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s to the ones who gave the life to the souls from the starry skies here’s to the ones that encircle the earth with the light of their loving eyes. Here’s to the one who never forgets though I roam … Continue reading

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The best valentine gift is

Most people would say that flowers are the best Valentine gift to give. It doesn’t matter if they are red roses or yellow roses or pink roses. It  doesn’t matter if the flowers came in a dozen or just one. … Continue reading

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In the eyes of the child

We often forget that the child views the surroundings differently from ours. We were walking along the trail of the creek one summer, when my 11 year old daughter got the camera and started taking pictures.   To me, the surrounding meadows look wild, … Continue reading

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In your hands

You can choose to be happy and excited about today and the future. You can choose to be sad and depressed thinking about it. It is in your hands.

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