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The obstacle is the path

We can get lost and go into many stumbling blocks in our journey through life. But if we believe in ourselves and in the Divine Hand that guides us, we will always find our footing, pace and direction.   Oftentimes, … Continue reading

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Encourage others

Did I encourage someone today? Student says “I am very discouraged. What should I do?” Master says, “Encourage others.” In reaching out to another person who needs our help, or simply just to cheer them on, we also feel uplifted.   … Continue reading

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Happiness is a simple thing

Laugh.    Find joy in simple things. “Happiness is a simple thing: you are happy when you are not trying to be happy.” Parental tip:  Do not spoil your children with expensive toys and updated gadgets.   Sometimes the box … Continue reading

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Addition by Subtraction

What can I let go today? What can I throw out that I don’t need right now? Title from Zen Habits Post:  http://mnmlist.com/subtraction/

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